Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beau Brummels - Autumn In San Francisco

Η αγάπη μου για τους Beau Brummels ξεκίνησε πριν πολλά χρόνια (περιτό να πω ότι τους παίζω στο μπαράκι κάθε Δευτέρα) , από τότε δηλαδή που άκουσα το Triangle, δίσκο τον οποίο έχω ανεβάσει. Τους θυμήθηκα ξανά όμως όταν χτες το βράδυ σκαλίζοντας cd και internet, διαπίστωσα πως η τιμή στο e-bay για το cd της Edsel που βλέπεται στην φωτο, έχει αγγίξει από κάποιον τα 200 δολάρια. Αυτός μάλλον ή τρέλα πούλαγε ή για τρελούς έψαχνε.

Τώρα για το περιεχόμενο τι να πω. Ότι και αν γράψω δεν θα είναι αντικειμενικό αφού θεωρώ τους Beau Brummels ως ένα από τα κορυφαία γκρουπ των 60’s. Δεν έχω δει να κυκλοφορεί στο net αυτό το cd οπότε ίσως είναι μία καλή ευκαιρία να το αποκτήσετε, κατεβάζοντας το βέβαια. Αγαπημένo κομμάτι πέραν των κλασικών τo Lonely Man (είπαμε και άλλες φορές οτι στη ζωή αισθανθήκαμε πολλές φορές μόνοι), το Sad Little Girl ( και τέτοια κορίτσια είδαμε στα νειάτα μας, που πέρασαν γαμώτο και δε γυρνάνε πίσω), το Still In Love With You Baby (χωρίς σχόλιο εδώ) και το I Grow Old (ούτε εδώ κάνω σχόλιο).

This 17-song compilation would probably rate a little higher based on quality and content, if only it hadn't been supplanted by numerous other reissues in the two decades since its original release. The music is first-rate, covering the highlights of the Beau Brummels' history with Autumn Records prior to the latter's failure and subsequent acquisition by Warner Bros. in late 1966; there's no question that the band was at its best during this period, and along with excellent songs we get very good sound as well. The annotation and accompanying explanation for the purpose of Autumn in San Francisco is a little vague, but the songs are so enjoyable that one isn't likely to dwell on (or even need) a reason for immersing oneself in the material at hand -- from the gentle folk-rock strains to the harder garage rock textures that run through "In Good Time," it's all some of the best rock & roll of its time. And it's not possible to hear the hauntingly fragile, beautiful "Sad Little Girl" too many times Ron Elliott deserves the label of pop/rock genius for that song alone.


1. Laugh Laugh,
2. Just A Little,
3. You Tell Me Why,
4. Don't Talk To Strangers,
5. In Good Time,
6. Sad Little Girl,
7. Still In Love With Yοu Baby,
8. Good Time Music,
9. Ain’t That Lovin You Baby,
10. Stick Like Glue,
11. That's If You Want Me To,
12. Can It Be,
13. When It Comes To Your Love,
14. Gentle Wanderin Ways,
15. I Grow Old,
16. Lonely Man
17. She Sends Me


Anonymous said...

A few of the greatest US sixties tracks are on this album.I remember a comment on the FLAMIN'GROOVIES "you tore me down"track;"the greatest song the BEATLES never wrote".This is also true for a lot of Beau Brummels tracks.

Maximiliano said...

I Love "Laugh Laugh" is a great song, i love the climax, the lyrics, everything.
In this point, The Beau began to improve their skills as musicians in order to create latter album, such as triangle.

By the way, congratulations, 1500 visits in a day is too much!

Anonymous said...

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psych-Spaniolos said...

Maximiliano i'm surpised too but anyway i want to thank you all . A post in hippy-djkit blog help me alot.