Friday, March 21, 2008

The Happenings Four - Outsider No Sekai (1970) (by request)

Ένας φίλος του Blog ζήτησε αυτό το άγνωστο μέχρι πριν λίγο σε μένα συγκρότημα επίσης από την Ιαπωνία. Τα Γιαπωνέζικα είναι οι γλώσσα που τραγουδούν και στα 13 κομμάτια. Μετάφραση των τίτλων στα Αγγλικά δεν βρήκα για αυτό δεν υπάρχει και track list. Το άλμπουμ πράγματι παρουσιάζει ενδιαφέρον αφού έχουν παντρέψει πετυχημένα δύο διαφορετικούς πολιτισμούς.

A pretty light and commercial dual keyboard-led psych-pop group, who released their debut ‘Touemi Ningen’ [Capitol, 1968], which has been compared to early Procol Harum. The next was obviously Beatles-influenced – ‘Magical Happenings Tour’ [Capitol, 1968]. The cover had a slightly amusing picture of the be-costumed band, with hair up in erect top-knots, laid into a ¥10,000 bill. I’ve only heard a couple of tracks from it, which are far inferior to, and quite unlike, the Beatles.

‘Outsider No Sekai’ [Capitol, 1970] was loaded with very straight and dated orchestrated pop music, but often [not always, unfortunately] a subtle weirdness permeates the tracks, and a few tracks are just odd on their own. This juxtaposition of the very straight and the rather weird reminds me Sound of Feeling’s album ‘Spleen’ in approach, but not nearly as out-there, avant-garde or as interesting overall.

You could also say that some tracks are a bit like the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band but without the comedy [though one strange track with a squeaky ‘Chipmunks’ voice raises a smile, and musically could practically be a Raymond Scott creation], and there’s also a bit of mid- and far-eastern folk. As Happenings Four + 1 they released another album, ‘The Long Trip’ [Capitol, 1971], which is reputedly much more on the early progressive side of things, with the band in this period compared by Julian Cope to Procol Harum and Greenslade. Keyboardist Kuni Kawachi would also work with Tenjo Sajiki, J.A. Caesar and Flower Travellin’ Band.

I’m sorry Roberto but I can’t write track listing in Japanese not even in English (translation problem). Perhaps another friend from Japan can help us a little.


Anonymous said...

Thank You For Good Music.

Track list are
1. Nagata-cho eno Mich (The Road to Nagata town)
2. Jiyu de iina (It's so nice to be free.)
3. Minomushi-san (Bagworm)
4. 13dann no Kaidann (The ballade of the stairs of 13 steps)
5. Chikyu no owarini (At the end of the earth)
6. Un ga yokerya (If it is lucky)
7. Ashita kaeruyo (I'll return tomorrow)
8. Koibitotachi no negai (Lovers' wishes)
9. Kamagasaki shinnju (A double suicide in Kamagasaki)
10. Bohya to hana (A boy and a flower)
11. Bakuchi no kamisama (God of gambling)
12. Onna (Woman)
13. Otoko no nakano otoko (The man of men)

psych-Spaniolos said...

Thanks alot for the track list

roberto said...

Hello my friend for posting this album, I' really enjoyed it, do you have another Japanese band called Helpful soul first album.

see ya.

Anonymous said...

do you have their long trip album? thanks

Anonymous said...

Would be nice if you could give some credit for reprinting my reviews word for word, as though they're your own.

orizont said...

Link's dead.. re-up?