Sunday, February 17, 2008

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Αυτός ο κύριος ενέπνευσε και ουσιαστικά «ευθύνεται» για την δημιουργία του περίφημου ψυχεδελικού συγκροτήματος των H. P. Lovecraft το οποίο και αγαπώ ιδιαίτερα.
Λίγες πληροφορίες προς τιμήν του…
HOWARD PHILLIPS LOVECRAFT (20 August 1890–15 March 1937) , is probably best known as a writer of weird fiction, but some believe his voluminous correspondence to be his greatest accomplishment.
Born in Providence, Lovecraft was a sickly child whose parents died insane. When he was 16, he wrote the astronomy column in the Providence Tribune. Between 1908 and 1923, he wrote short stories for Weird Tales magazine, among others. He died in Providence, in poverty, on March 15, 1937. His most famous novel is considered to be "At the Mountains of Madness," about an expedition to the South Pole, which discovers strange creatures beneath a mountain.

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