Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Strawberry Alarm Clock - The World in a Sea Shell (1968)

Κατά την ταπεινότατη άποψή μου από αυτό το Lp και μετά οι Strawberry αρχίζουν να «στερεύουν» μουσικά. Τα Love Me Again , Barefoot In Baltimore, Sea Shell, Blues For A Young Girl Gone ξεχωρίζουν κατά την άποψή μου.
Και πάλι από το official site μεταφέρω… The last LP to feature George Bunnell and Randy Seol, who opted out at the end of the recordings. The first side is dominated by outside writters except for "Million Smiles." Side 2 however is pure Alarm Clock and finds the group in some of it's finest moments. "Wooden Woman," "Heated Love," "Eulogy" and "Shallow Impressions" a stunning whirl wind instrumental are among my favorites. When the producers brought in writters outside the group, it broke them up. However most find side 1 boring and uninspired, "Lady Of Lake" was a great song with nice harmonies and that added SAC touch! Soon after Marty Katin came aboard on drums and former Nightcrawlers ("Little Black Egg" & "Basket Of Flowers" their hits) front man Jimmy Pitman on guitar and vocals.

Mark Weitz-keyboards/vocals
Randy Seol-drums/vocals
Lee Freeman-guitar/vocals
George Bunnell-bass/vocals
Ed King-guitar/vocals

UNI Records Stereo1968

Frank Slay And Bill Holmes
Paul Buff
Arrangements Strings:
George Tipton
Vocal Arrangements:
Howard Davis
Musical Arrangements:
Strawberry Alarm Clock

The Songs:
Side 1
Sea Shell
Blues For A Young Girl Gone
An Angry Young Man
A Million Smiles Away
Home Sweet Home
Lady Of The Lake

Side 2
Barefoot In Baltimore
Wooden Woman
Heated Love
Love Me Again
Shallow Impressions

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