Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oriental Sunshine - Dedicated To The Bird We Love (1970)

Είναι πιθανόν αρκετές φορές στο μέλλον να κάνω αναφορά στην εκπομπή του Tony Coulter που έγραψα και χτες. Από εκεί άκουσα και το συγκεκριμένο γκρουπ σε ένα καταπληκτικό κομμάτι, το οποίο με «ανάγκασε» στην αγορά του cd. Ψάχνοντας στο net με έκπληξη είδα ότι προέρχονται από την Νορβηγία διότι το πρώτο κομμάτι που άκουσα από αυτούς παραπέμπει Δυτική ακτή. Μιλάω για το My Way To Be Hurt το οποίο είναι πανέμορφο. Όλα τα λεφτά που λένε, σε ένα δίσκο που η βάση του είναι το σιτάρ. Εκτιμώ ότι αξίζουν της προσοχής μας.

Oriental Sunshine is a band which favoured themselves of the Indian hype during the hippie era. They are clearly a hippie band with some oriental influences, though the main eastern element is the constant use of the sitar, which is present in most of the songs and is not very integrated to their music, maybe due to not so skilled player or maybe because it is put to give and eastern flavour and follow the psychedelic fashion.Overall sound is a very mellow folk with the proiminence of acoustic instruments. The acoustic guitar is very good through all the album. Another instruments are added, mainly the flute. There are some percussion and organ is added in some songs. Most of the songs are pure folkish and they are among Incredible String Band or Steeleye Span, which are pure folk bands with some bits of progressive. The most interesting song in this album is by far Can Anybody Tell, because it has great instrumental interplay. The rest of the songs are all good, but just a good mellow folk. Male and Female vocals remind me of Steeleye Span, though the Nina's voice is not as good as Maddy's voice.

Nina Johansen - vocals, guitarRune Walle - sitar, guitar, vocalsSatnam Singh - bamboo flute, tablas, vocalswithHelge Groslie - organSture Janson - bassEspen Rud - drums

1.Across Your Life 3:31
2.Mother Nature 3:01
3.Look At Me 1:41
4.Unless 2:51
5.Land of Wisdom 1:47
6.Let It Be My Birth 2:10
7.Can Anybody Tell 5:48
8.Visions 2:46
9.My Way To Be Hurt 3:04
10.Where You Went 2:50
11.I'm Going 0:57

Origin: Oslo, Norway Release: 1970 Universal Music of Norway/1996 SunbeamRecorded in Arne Bendiksen Studio, Oslo, 1970Produced by Michael AasEngineered by Jan Erik Kongshaug


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