Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day - Marrying Maiden (1970)

Η επιλογή μου έχει να κάνει με το δεύτερο Lp των It's A Beautiful Day το οποίο κατά την άποψή μου μπορεί να μην είναι τόσο «δυνατό» όσο το πρώτο, ωστόσο είναι αξιόλογο.
Το άνοιγμα του Lp είναι μάλλον γνωστό γενικά κομμάτι, το «Don & Dewey», προς τιμήν του ομώνυμου R&B ντουέτου. Υπάρχει το πανέμορφο «Essence of Now», υπάρχει η πιο rock έκφρασή τους στο «Good Lovin» αλλά και η συμμετοχή σε δύο κομμάτια (στα «It Comes Right Down to You» και «Rodeo»), του αξεπέραστου Jerry Garcia των Dead, αλλά και η πολύ καλή μπαλάντα «Do You Remember the Sun» με εξαίσια φωνητικά που κλείνει το Lp.
Αυτό που ανέβασα είναι από ένα cd (TCR 002 W.Germany…ακόμα υπήρχε).

Some lineup changes are insignificant, some can be drastic, and then there are the particularly nasty ones, when something simply goes badly wrong, and then the band has to carry this "wrongness" on its shoulders for the rest of its career, like a deadly virus or something. Thus, with Linda LaFlamme's departure, the band lost a lot of its original - and unique - flavour. That flavour they mostly got from the interaction of David's violin-based, American-rooted practice and Linda's keyboard-based, more European-style flourishes. Without Linda, the classical influences are reduced to a minimum, the ambitions are trimmed down, and the whole thing becomes barely noticeable when you play it. In short, an obvious and, unfortunately, permanent disappointment. There's country, and lounge jazz, and some bluegrass, and some rock'n'roll, and some good ol' timey pop music, and, just so you don't get completely disappointed, one or two relatively more complex numbers embellished with art rock elements.

Line Up:
Pattie Santos - vocals, percussion
Val Fuentes - vocals,drums
Fred Webb - vocals, keyboards, frenchhorn
David LaFlamme vocals, violin, guitar, flute
Mitchell Holman - vocals, bass, mouthharp
Hal Wagenet - vocals, guitar
Guest Artists:
Richard Olsen - clarinet
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar, banjo

1. Don and Dewey
2. Dolphins
3. Essence of Now
4. Hoedown
5. Soapstone Mountain
6. Waiting for the Song
7. Let a Woman Flow
8. It Comes Right Down to You
9. Good Lovin'
10. Galileo
11. Do You Remember the Sun?


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