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Strawberry Alarm Clock - Good Morning Starshine (1969)

Ξεχάστε ότι ξέρατε μέχρι τώρα για τους Strawberry. Ένας άλλος ήχος εντελώς διαφορετικός σε σχέση με τους άλλους δίσκους. Ωστόσο υπάρχει το Small Package αλλά και το Good Morning Starshine για να μας θυμίζει την εποχή που η flower power κυριαρχούσε στις «φράουλες».
Μεταφέρω και πάλι από το official site της σημειώσει για το Lp…. With this LP the Alarm Clock now had a new sound. Earlier in 1969 Marty Katin was replaced by former member of Thee Sixpence and Strawberry Alarm Clock, Gene Gunnels on drums. The LP features great driving guitars, organ and drums. Not like the previous 3 LP's, this LP is best described as Alarm Clock Rock. Jimmy Pitman's arrival was crucial to the band. He brought in a new sound, a new lead voice and new songs. This was the first LP since their first to feature of picture of the group on the cover. This would also be the last studio LP the Alarm Clock would ever put out. The playing on this LP is outstanding! On songs like "Hog Child" and "Miss Attraction" the guitars/organ/drums are all over the place. "Small Package" sounds like the SAC of old and the end tag is from "California Girls" by the Beach Boys with whom they toured often with in 1967-1968. "Write Your Name In Gold" and "Dear Joy" are outstanding as well! Soon after this LP's release, Jimmy Pitman would leave to form Jumbo and was replaced by Paul Marshall who had been in The Beauchemins and The Tree Toppers.

Mark Weitz-keyboards/vocals
Jimmy Pitman-guitar/vocals
Ed King-guitar/bass/vocals
Lee Freeman-bass/harmonica/gutar/horns/vocals
Gene Gunnels-drums/vocals

Mark Weitz, Ed King And Strawberry Alarm Clock
Julius Zabadak On "Good Morning Starshine"
Phil Yeend And Carl Yancher

UNI Records 73054 Stereo 1969

The Songs:
Side 1
Me And The Township
Off Ramp Road Tramp
Small Package
Hog Child
Miss Attraction-LP Version

Side 2
Good Morning Starshine
Miss Attraction-45RPM Single Version
Write Your Name In Gold
Standy By (You Put Me On)
Dear Joy

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