Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kaleidoscope - Faintly Blowing (1969)

No relation to the far better known American Kaleidoscope, though this British group was also psychedelic, and was active at almost exactly the same time in the late '60s. Highly esteemed by some collectors, Kaleidoscope epitomized certain of the more precious traits of British psychedelia with their fairy-tale lyrics and gentle,
swirling folky sound. At times they sound like a far more melodic and accessible Incredible String Band. Their folky ballads have aged best, and although there's some period charm to be found throughout their two albums, it's all a bit too cloying to rank among the finest unknown psychedelia.
Although they had a solid underground reputation in Britain, they never found wide success, and evolved into a similar group, Fairfield Parlour,
by the end of the '60s.

1 Faintly Blowing
2 Poem
3 Snapdragon
4 A Story From Tom Bitz
5 (Love Song) For Annie
6 If you so wish
7 Opinion
8 Bless The Executioner
9 Black Fjord
10 The Feathered Tiger
11 I'll kiss you once
12 Music

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