Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mandrake Memorial - Mandrake Memorial (1968)

From Philadelphia, Mandrake Memorial added a uniquely baroque touch to the usual mix of rock and pop. Their self-titled debut album is absolutely brilliant. The synergy created between the breathless vocals of Randy Monaco, the elaborate keyboard playing of Michael Kac, and the searing guitar work of Craig Anderton, is stunning at times. This amazing musicianship applied to very interesting and melodic original material makes for a very special listening experience. The Mandrake Memorial sound is baroque, exotic, ethereal, and utterly infectious. This first album is definitely an essential possession for fans of psychedelia, and its definitely one to be treasured.

Bird Journey,
Here I Am,
Rainy May,
This Can't Be Real,
Dark Lady,
House of Mirrors,
To a Lonely,
Next Number,
Sunday Noon


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George Manney said...

Had the pleasure to share the stage with Mandrake Memorial twice.First at the Trauma for Clear Light, with my band, Stone Dawn. The second show was at the 1969 Be-In concert in the park in Philly. I have a few photos from this show as they were playing as a trio. Got to jam with Randy at the Kings Inn in the 70's... RIP Randy.
Posted two videos with Micahel Kac & Linda Cohen on my YouTube channel,
A great overlooked band from the late 60's!!!

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Ευχαριστώ φίλε !