Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kaleidoscope - Tangerine Dream (1967)

A wonderful, dreamy set of songs with a surprising bite that passes almost unnoticed on the first few listens. The bonus tracks are a nice addition, but the album is best taken in its original form to get a feel for how it was conceived (bearing in mind that some tracks were recorded considerably earlier than the album recording sessions) This is not an album for those who want "hits", nor is it one for fans of the impossibly complex or crushingly heavy. It's not even real Prog Rock... although we are talking about 1967 here - so it could be...Definitely one for fans of psychedelia and particularly for those who enjoy discovering the very subtle - and anyone who's actually managed to read this far - hey, if my rambling has kept you interested, trust me on this - the music is more interesting by orders of magnitude than my rantings...

2.Please Excuse My Face
3.Dive Into Yesterday
4.Mr.Small the Watch Repairer Man
5.Flight From Ashiya
6.The murder of Lewis Tollani
7.In the Room Of Percussion
8.Dear Nellie Goodrich
9.Holiday Maker
10.A Lesson Perhaps
11.The Sky Children


Anonymous said...

το The Sky Children ειναι απο τα πιο ομορφα κομματια που εχω ακουσει


david said...

Hey there, how about a reupload? :D

Ellie said...

Pleaseee re-upload? =]

Elliot Knapp said...

Great album, I agree--not full of hits but works well as an entire collection. Just wrote about it on my blog too!